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As a photographer and videographer I’m dedicated to dance (mainly urban, contemporary and classic) in the main frame, and in second place fashion portraiture and lifestyle portraiture as well.

I’m open-minded to new horizons that can challenge myself and contribute to develop my skills and understanding, of photography and videography, not only on my fields, I’m also interested on knowing or understanding more about clothes/outfits, makeups, etc.

I do my job with a Sony a7III, although I use some Sony E-mount native lenses I also love to use vintage lenses and adapted lenses on it, to have different results and have more artistic unique results.

About ME

I’m Christopher Picón, born 27th of may 1990 at Tortosa, a southern city of Catalonia (Spain).


You can also get in contact with me or stay updated about my work through my social media.

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